Fashion & Textiles,Your Interpretation

In the morning, teacher let the students voluntarily make models to the rest of the students to draw. Models were two for a combination of their own with each other with clothes, and with the catwalk after the walk, a rotation one. The rest of the students were painting below in the specified short time, and the teacher would let us use a variety of methods to draw. At noon, the teacher let us watch other people's works, and learned from each other some good aspects of others. In the afternoon, some of the original things to develop a good look, to adjust.

Tell the truth, because this morning the teachers asked us to use a variety of ways to express the body shape and clothing feeling, including the use of a variety of materials. Because before I had painted the clothing and related things, the first attempt to use so many ways to draw. The beginning of the time was some rush, the back was also a lot better.

In fact, I think, in the fashion and textiles courses thatI feel that I needed a lot of ideas and wanted to deny and develop over and over again, these courses were a great opportunity for me to learn and exercise.

28 Sep.

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