THE ROLLING STONES 'Ride Em On Down' - music video

We decided to base our final piece on stereotypes and how gender, race, sexuality etc are all fixed with a certain 'image' in society. If they change that 'image' and it doesn't correspond with what is expected or if its not seen as the 'norm',  it can spark discussion and sometimes disagreement. 

With this in mind we based our moving image piece on style and self expression, and how everyone has a unique flare that represents them in a very personal way. When looking around and investigating our surroundings, we discovered that most of our peers have an eccentric style that contrasts with the typical male/female look that has been pinned to us for many years.

With this idea of fixed appearances etc, I came across The Rolling Stones 'Ride 'Em On Down' music video which stars Kristen Stewart. She appears to have a reckless, boisterous character in the video juxtaposing the girly, polite image which is expected from females. This expresses the idea that we should not have to conform to one specific image that society has created.


© Georgia Sillitoe, all rights reserved


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