Reflection on initial outcomes

The writing on the plaster business cards did not come out as clearly as I had hoped. On reflection, it was actually the metal business cards I made for the moulds which worked particularly well. The simple and very uniform text, that was almost the same on every card yet held different information seemed to work well with the idea of reducing them simply to functionality. They also reminded several people of identification tags on soldiers or dogs. It would be interesting to expand this into a large collection of uniform business cards, all with an almost identical format. IMG_5473.JPGIn regards to the plaster cards, they reminded many people of hand soaps, which made me begin to consider the purpose of things being hand sized and the practicality of that. I also found it interesting how, in an attempt to make something more permanent I had, in fact, created something that was washed away in an instant and the information on it was completely lost. I would like to experiment with the idea of how these objects disintegrated and were lost completely, possibly how real business cards are.IMG_5467.JPGIMG_5468.JPG

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