25th + 26th, developing a physical sculpture

It was difficult to think how I would cast these plaster business cards, especially getting the detail of text on them. I needed to consider how to make the text on the plaster in a professional way. The best way to do this also made sure that I made full use of all the workshops available to me. I started by cutting aluminium foil into the shapes of business cards and used stamps to emboss the information into these metal cards. I then cut out wooden blocks in the same shape and used them to vacuum form moulds in the right shape. The metal cards were then placed in the bottom of these moulds and plaster was poured over them. At the beginning of day 2 of the project my idea what questioned, seeing as I planned to make the business cards out of stone/plaster, the question was about whether it really worked as a concept and was the ease of distribution that came with the nature of business cards something that should not be lost? However, this was something I wanted to remove and subvert in my idea. The idea of permanence was something that  I wanted to capture in the piece and so setting the cards in stone so they were not circulated as easily and remained as a permanent fixture to someone was what I wanted to achieve.IMG_5461.JPGIMG_5463.JPG

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