25th, Material News

I selected The Observer newspaper to select a 'story' from as the project brief requested. I found it slightly difficult to find anything that evoked a particularly strong response, on the whole, the newspaper was fairly uncontroversial and reasonable. I, therefore, opted for an almost comical article about drug dealers handing out their business cards to Manchester 'freshers'. This made me consider the purpose of a business card. Yes, primarily they are designed for practicality, people can keep them and call the numbers, visit websites etc easily as a large amount of information can be put on the card. The cards however also give more of a sense of permanence and officiality, an underground, secretive and entirely not official business can be made to seem more official and trustworthy through the distribution of business cards. I began to think about how even through business cards made it more official and permanent, was there not a way to take this even further? Business cards are often lost, damaged and are generally not held onto for long. I wanted to make the business cards be something that people kept and almost displayed... reflected loyalty to an individual or brand/company. For example, business cards or leaflets for takeaway restaurants of often lost and replaced frequently. I wanted to put these sort of things on concrete or plaster and very permanent business cards, it was just the practicality of materialising this idea that I needed to consider.

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