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We went to kings cross today to learn fashion design, I thought the most challenging one problem was time constraints. For a half hour to draw 10 pages of paper structure or the shapes of the buildings were my challenge . I had never tried to draw a series of patterns with various materials or individual expressions. I saw from the exchanges with other students of their thought, which was where I need to learn. I used to design a series of graphics was used that was often one or two kinds of materials and forms of expressions, and now I were changing, each kind of material to draw the texture was also different, from which could see which kind of textiles was the most suitable.

I used color lead, toner, crayons, marker pen, pencil, pen, gouache and watercolor as the basic material for my drawing. Among them, my favorite things were pencil, pen and watercolor. Pencils could be shallow and shallow,l could visually show a variety of different textures. Painting pens to draw the lines were relatively small,l should focus on the performance of overlapping feelings, and watercolor was more transparent and clean, so I looked very comfortable

And then we chose from the drawing of the architectural drawings of their favorite geometric shapes. In the group cooperation, everyone in the composition of all the members of the group to draw their own choice of geometry, from the upstairs was very shocking.

We copied several geometries to a large piece of paper and cut it off. By two students to cooperate with these cut down the geometric graphics to each other to produce a paper dress. The students who wore paper clothes were models,and the other person listened to the teacher's required paintings to write models in different forms.

I thought my biggest problem should be time. Because time was not enough, I could not want to express the graphics to express it, which I had to improve later. I now knew that the design of things without limitations, did their best to think, to experiment, to develop.

25th Sep.



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