19/08 - 3DDA - Use It

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Today's one day project was Use It, where we had to come up with ideas for chairs. 


We started the day by going off and drawing chairs, or people sitting on chairs, or leaning on, or just generally using chairs. I liked this a lot as it was an opportunity to draw in a rough, sketchy style, without worrying about attention to detail as it was just necessary to document movement. 

From this we went on to begin designing chairs, customising the standard chairs that were in our classroom. I came up with a couple of designs, but my favourite by far was one designed for people with ADHD, as I've worked alongside children with ADHD and fidgeting in a classroom environment is a daily difficulty. My chair had simple arm rests, each with fidget buttons on the ends, and the front legs were surrounded by an elastic cord that would allow the user to kick their feet without it disturbing the people around them. 

I liked today a lot, as it seemed more free than yesterday. Despite this, I think I enjoyed the observational drawing most as it was something I could do comfortably, and seemed to come more naturally than everything else. 


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