14/08 - Ideas Factory Day 3


I added some ideas to my initial brainstorm, and began planning my final idea - cannibalism is all about people eating other people, but people eat animals all the time and on a grander scale people are also animals, so isn't this also a form of cannibalism? 

After brainstorming for a while, I came up with the idea of a slaughterhouse, but instead of having animals hung up, having people hung up in the same way. This brought in the idea of distortion, as it completely changed the perspective of meat-eating. 


It's not very clear, but this is my sketch for my final idea - three people strung upside down like slabs of meat. I chose three people because three is an aesthetically pleasing number of things in a row.

These people would be strung upside down, like animals are in slaughterhouses, and then encased in a large glass box. This would draw the eye to them, but would also give an idea of containment and preservation, like display cases in galleries. 

I imagined my piece to be an installation, so the box and its contents would be huge, with life-size people inside it, and in the middle of an all white room. The sound of white noise would be playing very quietly, just enough to put the audience on edge, and there would be a very faint smell of rotting flesh, to add to the sense of unease. 

The whole point of this piece would be to make people stop and consider their actions, putting the label of cannibalism on their eating habits. It's sort of turned into a pro-vegetarian piece, although that wasn't its initial point. 


The feedback I received for my final piece idea

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