12/08 - Ideas Factory Day 2

Tags: cannibalism, distort, glass, ideas factory

The CSM library today was pretty cool - there are so many resources it was a bit overwhelming, but once we got into it properly there was so much that related to our three words. 

I think cannibalism was my favourite to research; as I said in my research post, it's strange that cannibalism plays such a large role in today's pop culture, given its rather nasty details and hazy past, but the fact remains that society today is somewhat desensitised to cannibalism, thanks to the existence of TV shows like Hannibal and films such as The Silence of the Lambs. Even when was presented with it as a theme my mind immediately jumped to Hannibal Lecter, not to the gory reality of people eating people. I think this was something that I pushed when researching cannibalism - the anthropological idea of it rather than the idea of it portrayed by the media. 

Thursday will be fun to come up with a piece idea connecting cannibalism, glass, and distort. 



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