11/08 - Ideas Factory Day 1

Tags: cannibalism, day 1, distort, glass, ideas factory

We were put into groups at the beginning of the day and picked three random words - a material, a process, and a theme. Our words were glass, distort, and cannibalism. Initially, it was a bit difficult to properly generate ideas because cannibalism is such a seemingly dark theme, but after a while brainstorming and properly talking about it we began coming up with ideas that were interesting and could then be linked to our material and process.

I think the process was the most interesting turning point in our ideas generation; distortion of glass was easy to think up, but it's been done so many times, so when we began looking at the distortion of perspective it became much more engaging - cannibals have a distorted perspective that allows them to consume other people without feeling guilty afterwards, something the majority of people would be completely incapable of doing. 

As we'll be at the CSM library tomorrow I hope to look more at cannibalism, possibly reading some anthropological views on it. I'll also try and do some research on distortion, maybe in the sense of perspective - optical illusions/ anatomy of the eye/ etc. 

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