How could ASD influence your present interests?

I thought it affects me a lot. For me, since childhood I like architectural design, from the design process I could feel the deep happiness. Drawing drawings, internal or external structure, interior design, including what kind of material, I would do my best to design it more perfect. Because of the period of cultural studies, let me interrupt the study of architectural design, and now re-contact, it is still deeply affected my interest. I particularly like to look at a variety of buildings, study a variety of design drawings.

How could you reuse the project from today?

I would see a lot of information and excellent architectural works, so I have improved in all aspects. Today's project was actually not very satisfied with me, due to time constraints, I could not consider very carefully, resulting in something that was not what I want. If I reuse the project today, I would improve the efficiency, first a few minutes to think about the approximate structure. Today and other groups of cooperation was very happy, we were very hard, there were many novel ideas. I hoped that next time I could quickly find the entry point of the theme.

Today I did this simple building external structure from what I wanted an external irregular graphics, and could have multiple support points. I thought this could give people a visual strong conflict, giving people a shock. The roof of most rooms I would consider the full transparency, so that lighting and scenery would be very good, the first floor of the hall would be high and the stairs would use the rotary. Due to the irregularities of the outside, the interior of each room was also irregular, I would use a number of themes to arrange the room.

21st Sep.


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