What was the purpose of the crit, and how has this benefited for
future projects?
The purpose of the crit for me is gaining opinions from others and using it to develop
my own work. Sometimes when I worked on my pieces, I only focus on one specific idea
and try to develop it further in one direction. Listening to other people's opinions
and thoughts about my own work give me more ideas that I might not think of it before which could be benefited to my future projects. Moreover, seeing other people's work
gives me more ideas and inspirations on which
techniques and process of workings that I could use in each
different specific concept.

How effective were your outcomes? 
Did you add meaning and feeling to your letter successfully?
I think the visual outcome of work came out efficient. All the colours and elements 
in each individual work complete its own design. However, personally, I feel that
my work could not communicate meanings as effective as I thought it would be.
My work has its own feelings from its arch form and structure but it lacks of
meanings and stories.
How would you improve your outcome if you were to revisit them?
The thing that I really wanted to improve in my work is the idea. 
I feel like the visual look of my piece came out very well, however,
the idea behind my work is quite weak compares with other people in
my discussion group. In my work, I only focused on the idea of connecting
and developing my 3 letterform works, I did not consider any stories or
deep ideas behind my work. If I have a chance to revisit this project again,
I would add more depth to my idea and evolve my work to be able to interact more
with audiences.

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