19 September

What have you learnt today?
Today I learnt that jewellery doesn't have to be the typical small delicate pieces and that it an be worn on any part of the body. before today I thought of jewellery as necklaces, earrings etc. But after today I have discovered different ways of creating jewellery and now look at it as sculptures that are to be worn
What are the strongest aspects of the work you have produced today?
The strongest aspect is the strong link to the word support and the modern take was successful. however, with more time I would've liked to have added more details to make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing
Do you feel you have a good understanding of JFFA?
I feel I do but I do not think I will be pursuing this pathway as it is not my strongest work. But this different take on jewellery was interesting to learn about
Did you enjoy today?
I enjoyed today as it allowed me to develop my skills further and try out new ideas that aren't architectural

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