How have today’s tasks made you think about your letterform in
a different way?
Today’s task makes me think more about the structure of the letterform because 
I found out that looking at the letterform from a different angle can lead to
different perception which could be both advantage and disadvantage for the work;
the letterform becomes more interesting, however, the work might not be able to
communicate its intention clearly.
What did you learn today?
The simple way of creating art, such creasing the paper to 
create dimensions, could lead to the extraordinary outcomes
andbring a plain sheet of paper to life.
How will you use that learning to help you in the future?
Normally when I created my artwork, I always tried to find complex techniques to 
create my work. Today’s task makes me realise that sometimes simple way of creating
art could lead to the beautiful and unique outcome. Further in the future, when I
create my work, I will try more varied techniques, both simple and complex,
to produce my work.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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