19th September -

Over the course of the day I worked on the presentation of my collection. I wanted to present them as paint samples would be presented in a shop. As a collection of samples, it was almost like a collection that people could take from, in a weird kind of world where people selected things they wanted to buy based on the texture they saw in the samples. The irony of this is that by selecting the most beautiful texture someone might select something quite unpleasant. The catalog of textures, assigning them with numbers, with a tick sheet that people can tick off what they want is a very industrial 'IKEA-like' style of cataloging. I placed the samples on the window sill, which was useful to highlight the colours, however, it did not capture the idea of a large, almost industrial selection of paint samples that i wanted to achieve.IMG_5343 2.jpgIMG_5349 2.jpgIMG_5348.jpg

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