2017.09.18 "Your Surroundings"

  • One Day Project

Starting the day with some drawing on surroundings, I feel excited about it. I wonder how we can draw the figures and manipulate with it. I first found a ceiling from the building that has lamb in it, and the three dimensional shape really attracts me. I really like It because it gets layers and details that can overlap with other surroundings to make more bizarre shapes. After the drawing, we begin to find out ten shapes that is unique to place it together, and make a geometrical picture that shows different shapes are connecting. From the geometrical picture, I can see a lot of fashion elements in it, maybe one part can be sleeve or collar, and there will be more patterns to create from those shapes. In the afternoon, three shapes from our original drawings are chosen, and we pair up to use our six big shapes to create a interesting silhouette. I am really into it because it really forces you to think about how these shapes relate to each other to give a new form for the body. Within 20 minutes, we finish our "paper" work on the body, and we do some figure drawings to finish up the day. From those figure drawings that I did, I went back home, and looked at them, it gave me a feeling that there are tones of shapes that I still needed to explore and play with it.

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