Today has involved working with restrictions to what extent did this affect your design
Working with restrictions means that the choices of materials and sizes are limited. 
Sometimes these limitations can confine the possibility of my design. However, it also
challenges my creative thinking process because coming up with unique ideas and designs
under restricted materials forces me to think one step further and try to make new designs
outside of my comfort zone.
How did you select your location for your photo? 
Was it the right choice, and did it communicate in the way you
I chose the location that has straight lines and structural patterns which completely 
contrasts with the form of the font. I feel that the different forms between the background
and my font make the word stands out more and allows the audience to focus more on
the curves and shapes of the font. Moreover, the way that the dark tone of the background
contrasts with the white paper encourages the word to prominent.

© Adipa Klomchitcharoen, all rights reserved


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