How did the visualisation process evolve the idea?
The visualisation process improves and implements the idea. It makes the idea that we have 
in our head becomes clearer. With visual sketches or models of the work, we can clearly
see problems and develop the work further in many effective ways.

Explain the role of both primary and secondary research in 
the development of your idea?

- Primary research comes from the observation of things around us; by looking at objects
and things that happened inside and outside classrooms. For example, my group got
‘Optimism’, ‘Silk’ and ‘Print’ as 3 keywords which we have to develop and combine them
together under the concept ‘ism’. So we started by looking at objects that make us think
of these keywords to find the fresh and new inspirations for the idea.

- Secondary research is collected from the internet, books and other further researches.
Personally, it helps me develop my idea by considering and looking at potentials of
different materials and working processes that I could use to produce the work. This allows
me to find the best process for my work and expand the idea further.

How successful was your group presentation? How could it have
been improved?
It was successful and I was very pleased with it. However, there were things that I would 
like to improve; because of the time limit and the technical difficulty, we were not able
to produce a 3D model or a small installation of our work to visualise the idea. I think
that if we have the 3D model, it would help us to be able to develop our work further
and encourage the audience to see the picture of the outcome clearer.

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