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How has working in a small group affected how you gather and
analyse information?
Working in a small group allows researchers to analyse and exchange the information and 
opinion more openly. I found that in one keyword, the data could be all different and
varied in many aspects. Personally, being able to analyse and brainstorm with everyone
in the group influences me to see and gather information widely. Furthermore,
with fewer people in the group, the difference of data and opinion can be discussed
and compared without misunderstandings. 

What are the challenges and benefits of working in a group?
Communicating and sharing the ideas with other people in the group are something that 
I found challenging. Sometimes the ideas that we wanted to present to other people are
very personal and individual. However, these difficulties are beneficial to my inspiring
confidence; working in a group encourages me to participate in conversations and share
my opinion with others.

How have you found the experience of researching and 
generating ideas without the internet?
I found that I could link the 3 keywords within the wider scope; I found that doing 
research without using the internet allows me to expand the limit of observational
researching process. Without the internet, the original ideas stemming from the freedom
of bringing and using the things around us to bring the ideas to life and explore ideas
from different perspectives. 

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