14 September

How did you find working in group for the research task?
Working in a group was very beneficial to my work as it allowed me to learn from others and their diverse cultures. For example, I learnt the meaning of a specific bird in Chinese culture as it means health and long life.
What were the benefits and challenges?
It was a challenge at the beginning to narrow down my ‘theme’ of ideas as I had so many. I decided to focus on furniture in the end and chairs in particular. The benefit of this project was that it allowed me to get a deeper understanding of what the tutors expect from me in future projects and allowed me to get used to the independent studying.
What were the most important research references to your work?
The most important research references were the different types of furniture as it inspired the idea of designing seating which eventually led to the design of my pavilion.
What was your response to the project brief?
At first I was confused by the project brief as I wasn’t sure what they expected of me. But once we had a whole day of designing it, it became clearer.
How did you select the ideas to present to the group?
I chose by picking what I felt were my strongest ideas which was decided by looking at how closely related my ideas were to the three words I was given
When presenting your ideas to the group did they understand?
My ideas were presented very clearly and my annotation gave a clear understanding of my thought process and the materials I wanted to use
How did you decide of the final idea to take forward?
I decided on my final idea by evaluating the potential success of my ideas if they were to be constructed and I really liked my metaphorical idea of stitching the community together so I decided to chose the idea that incorporated this as my final idea
How did you hope to explain your idea visually?
I explained it through drawing and annotation. I also included a small explanation of how my idea connects to stitch, wood and utopianism

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