'The Three Words'Project

How did the visualization process evolve the idea?

Firstly,l divided the whole idea into a part, and then did the each part of the study and changed them, and finally to form a whole. Because from the paper to draw out are flat works, it should be made into a three-dimensional need for a practical consideration. I would do it from the material, the limitations of space to consider how to successfully transform the idea into a finished product.

Explain the role of both primary and secondary research in the development of your idea?

For my first study, I first painted the original sketch, and with the initial stereotypes. The second time, I carried out the expansion, combined with the actual, and gradually improved my ideas, while reading some of the books on the subject.

How successful was your group's presentation?How could it have been improved?

I think our group speech was successful, everyone had a different idea for this subject. We had been discussed and inspired each other.If there is a similar group discussion next time, I think our team members can do a series of finished products, we can discuss an idea together. I think it's a great idea.At the same time, I also think that the panel discussion is a very important thing, the next time I should be more strongly discussed with the members of the group.

15th Sep.


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