September 14th, Project visualisation and group crit

 Thursday 14th Sept

 We began the day with the task of coming up with another 10 ideas for a piece based on the research we had done the night before. This was challenging due to the short amount of time we were given to do it. However, to my surprise, I was able to come up with a few more ideas that I would have liked to develop further in themselves. We then went back to developing the idea we had done prior research for, in preparation to the group crit. I struggled slightly to visualise the idea to present to other people in such a short amount of time and with limited resources. I gained some feedback which was positive……………… However I noticed that people did find in difficult to to respond to my visualisations. I did not put a description next to the images/ drawings I had created as I wanted to see peoples takes on it without me almost telling them what to think and what is was about. I think part of the reason it was difficult for people to respond to my work was because, I although I physically placed hair in a locket to portray the use of hair in the piece, it was difficult to tell from the drawings that the other objects were also to be made out of hair, which was quite a crucial part of the concept. I think, on reflection, when presenting work, in this way, if it os not at all clear what my intentions are in regards to how it will develop or exactly what it is/ what it is made out off, it might require some kind of description.


I am also a little disappointed that I chose this idea to pursue to the presentation stage. On the Thursday morning when quickly brainstorming another 10 ideas, I thought of another idea that [potentially would have been more interesting. When talking to another member of the group I found out that, even though I had made the link between fur and hair, the word for both hair and fur in Portuguese is actually the same. This made me again consider ideas about hair removal and why such as natural part of the human body is so frequently frowned upon, I was tempted to return to the idea about displacing human hair removal onto animals. Had I been developing this project further I would have explored the avenue more.

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