13th Sept - Library Research

During the library research session, we began to explore the different ways to carry out research. Using the library system we were able to search for our chosen words and find books with relevant information. This was again useful for gaining ideas and concept that hadn't immediately sprung to mind but yet had obvious associations with the word. The books I found particularly useful looked at surveillance and CCTV, I found the book through looking at artists that include concepts of time and the capturing of time. This was a different way of 'capturing time' that I had not really considered. 

When searching for books connecting with the word sensuality the search results gave almost all books with links to sexuality. This lead me to begin to think about attitudes to a hair/ 'human' fur and why something that of course is entirely natural and accepted for animals is frequently such a taboo for humans. Developing on this thought, I began to consider how to look at this idea in a piece of work. I wanted to combine the naturalness of 'hair' and 'fur' and contrast it with the societal taboos, almost to emphasize the ridiculousness of our societal expectations. This lead me to an idea about removing/ shaving the fur on animals in the same places that humans are often expected to shave and remove their hair. For example a dog with the absence of hair where a beard would be, or a bear with shaved legs etc etc.

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