'The Three Words'Project

The three words:





What were the benefits and challenges?

In my opinion, the biggest advantage of discussing this project with group members in the library was the exchange of ideas and new revelations from others' opinions. I remember my former teacher said to us 'some useless information for someone may be my own gold'. I thought the new challenge for me was more books, more information may cause me more confused,my own ideas might be disrupted by some works' authors.

How did you present the ideas to the group?Did they understand?

I wrote the words and pictures together to express to my team members, and told them the formation of my idea of ​​this process. Sometimes they did not understand, I could repeat the explanation or for another way to express.

What feedback did you get from your peers for your proposals?How did you decide on the final idea to take forward?

My group peers gave me advice and recommended a book to me,they suggested me that I had to consider the possibility of finished products. I changed my final plan, I thought this subject, the abstract form might be better than the figurative form, but also easier to implement the finished product.

How did you hope to explain your fine idea visually?

I would drew a lot of process plans, and next l would indicate my idea. At the same time I would take the form of collage to collect a variety of works presented.

What information did you want to show?What techniques did you use?

I want to be intuitive to show the affection of three-dimensional plane. I used a pencil, straw, plastic paper, single-sided adhesive, paint to do my best to express the effect.

How do you plan to develop the A2 presentation sheet?

I will pick the picture, and find the inspiration from the selected works for this subject. Modify the sketch, to find the most suitable idea can best reflect my own ideas to implement the program.

What did you learn today?How are you settling in so far?

I knew today how to combine the scattered elements together and did my best to use the plane to restore the ideal three-dimensional map.

l went to the library with my group members and discussed this project.I collected some books and found some useful information for my thoughts.A work of  Jacqueline Poncelet called Object'Against the Wall 'deeply shocked me, and there are some other works also benefited me.I learned a lot of knowledge.

13rd Sep.

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