2017.09.12: Idea Factory

       Ideas on our group project

  • -Polytheism (Buddhism, Christians, Islamism, Voodooism)
  • -Mesh (the material that connect each religion's totem to be a totem pole)
  • -Obscure (a state of mind)

Start the day going to the British museum with my group members, I am still a little bit confused about what we are going to do. However, we collect ideas as much as we can, and try to come up with an outcomes that we can discuss about it. Since we are doing Polytheism, which is the belief in more than one god, we start to think about different religions and the things that would represent it. Totems, in those religions, to present its worship and ritual, also represent powerful meanings to people. For example, in Christianism, the window in the church is a strong totem to Christian, because when they pray, the light is coming through the window, that means hope to them. Immediately, we connect mesh to it because mesh is like window. Although we can't see the God, we always have belief inside. Also, that is obscure.

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