Research, 21st July 2017

Three Themes:



I am thinking of re-imagining the imagery of Tibetan Buddhist protector deities. I plan on exploring pattern design as well and is thinking of incorporating it into the drawings that I will make for the protectors. In this theme, I want to expand my skills in storytelling through the characters.

At the moment, I don't know what the outcome will be for this theme, but I ma thinking about animation or sculpture, something that is three-dimensional or moving.




I am thinking about creating a story based on the song lyrics by Suzzane Vega titled 'The Queen and The Soldier'. The idea of this theme I have at the moment is based in the Medieval Era, where knights and battles were present.

Initially, I was going to put this idea in the theme 'Place' because I had thought of the word 'castle', which was a subject of place. But thinking of 'castle' led me to recall 'The Queen and The Soldier', and the more I thought about the idea of basing the song being a base of a project, the more it began to have a 'Narrative' feeling to the idea.




I was told once that a Roman legion had travelled under many challenges when they had set out for a voyage to see Brittania, where the Romans believed that it was a paradise where Angels lived and where Roman soldiers go when they die. They had travelled there, only to find that it was not what they had dreamed of. There, it was full of barbarians with blue faces that attempted to drive them away from their homeland.

For the theme of 'Place', I plan to make illustrative designs that tells of journey of the Romans' quest, also illustrating the challenges that they had faced and battling wavs that their boats could not withstand.

Illustrator Mike Mignola created front page designs for his comic series, creating imagery that will be significant to the story inside the book. Some of the designs are detailed, showing the imagery of buildings and trees clearly, other times the illustration are shown simply and silhouetted. I would like to also display my illustrations in this way for the illustrative designs.

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