Editorial Text, 30th August 2017

Editorial Text Examples

1. Gary Gianni, Dark Horse Books


  • Friendly and easy to read.
  • Personal, with the writer using ‘I’.
  • Informative, it’s a short briefing on how the comic was made, and also tells us about the artist of the comic book and the experience he had with the artist.

  • The text is a Times New Roman, which is a traditional font, easy to read for everyone.


2. Mike Mignola, Dark Horse Books

IMG_5263.jpg IMG_5264.jpg

  • The writing is informal and friendly, as if the write is talking directly to the reader.
  • The text is written in a Times New Roman font, making reading the text easy. The first few words are in block writing, making it known that it is the first line to read. 
  • The  text is informing us about the development of the story that follows after it. It flow of the text comes in different tones of excitement that the writer is voicing. 


3. Editors Letter, Wonders with Text

Editorial Text 1.jpg

  • Huge type to show that that letter is the starting point of where you read. It is also for aesthetic purposes, it is decorated with symbolisms of the topic of the text.
  • Profile image possibly of the writer of the text, it is smaller than the 'Q', which makes it look like the image is not overcrowding the page. The text is flowing the way that is mimicking the 'Q', giving the page a design flow.


4. LeCreuset: Casseroles, Borgerhoff & Lamberigts

Text Example.jpg

  • The title is the same length of the text, and both the title and text is in the middle of the page, in balance.
  • The style of writing is informative and friendly in a way, it is telling us about the origins of the product and its benefits.



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  • https://vk.com/photo-117088173_429195385 [accessed 30th August 2017]

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