Anish Kapoor

GRVGLe5EClU.jpg 65gpVOQYo6c.jpg

Image source: own photograph 

Anish Kapoor 
Silicone and fiberglass 
270 x 170 x 100 cm 

Seen at Summer Exhibition at RA. This artwork reminds me of tumour because of its shape and colour.
Also, when I am looking at it, it appears repelling for me. After I have researched what fiberglass is I thought that it might be because of the material choice. When I was looking at it I felt itchy and this is what happens when body contacts with fiberglass. This made me think about how the feeling which artwork passes depends on the material choice.
Also, I think that I might explore neoplasms in my project. Because I am looking at post-apocalyptic environment where mutation can occur it is relevant to my project. 

© Ekaterina Koromyslova, all rights reserved


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