The Ugly Swans



It is a film directed by Konstantin Lopushansky in 2006 based on the book "Ugly Swans" by brothers Strugatsky.
It tells story about our world in which also live people with genetic mutations who are being considered dangerous by humans.
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It is philosophical film which asks questions about what humaneness means. These questions are not relevant for my project. However, in this film there are frames which made me think that it is not the earth environment. I like the vibrant colours in these shots because they make me feel calm. This calmness conflicts with the overall sad atmosphere of the film and this I consider as an interesting aspect of the film. Also, this film is relevant to my project because it shows children who have been raised in boarding school for genius and due to the amount of knowledge  they have lost the humaneness. It responds to the question about how society will change in different environment.                    
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