Metro 2033


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It is survival horror game developed by 4A games. The story is based on the book written by Dmitry Glukhovsky called with the same name. It tells about the post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear attack. People have been forced to live in the Moscow underground where each underground station became like a small city. People are isolated because they cannot contact anyone from other cities of countries. Because of the nuclear attack mutation of living organisms occurred and they started to kill people.
I've decided to research this game because people there create tools and weapons from found objects.                    ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 17.34.18.png

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On the top is an example of a hand made weapon used in this game. 
For my project I wanted to rethink found object and make sculpture. Before I was only considering something abstract but now I think that I could possibly create moving sculpture.

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