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This film was directed by Konstantin Lopushansky. It tells about world after environmental disaster which leaded to the division of human population into 2 groups. The ones who maintained the human features and others whose body was mutated and they become intellectually disabled. This film is political. It responds on problems of nowadays human society and religion.  

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There were a few shots showing the environment which I found inspirational. 

In this set up I like how pollution has been expressed. Because film is quite old the quality of video is not good, so rubbish in this image mixes up with human bodies. Also, I like the texture which rubbish has. It look like alive sleeping homogeneous mass which invaded the Earth and slowly decaying environments and human minds.
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I like the colour pallet of this film. Most of the dialogue scenes have been shot to have yellow-greenish or reddish tone. It makes me to think like the action is not happening in our modern world. 
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