Wolf Gang Tillman

We had a speed dating for research workshop where we had to exchange ideas and research references with a partner. One of the research references I received was Wolf Gang Tillman’s abstract photography. These images were exhibited at the Morderna Museet, Stockholm and were themed around spirits and cultural identities within society.

My definition of photography is to be able to catch a moment/composition within time. However, I am not entirely sure what these images are. When I look at them I see a washed out background colour with strong bold flowy lines. These images have changed my interpretation of what a photograph is.


These images remind me of the mixture between ink and water so I could understand why my partner told me to research this artist. My theme is about microscopic close ups of living organisms, and just like these images, us humans don’t have control of how they move and change. But the excitement is from not knowing. As a response to this artist I want to create some water and ink print studies to see if I am able to recreate the same textures that are in the images above.

© Abimbola Akande, all rights reserved


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