Mia-Jane Harris – Beautiful Corpse

In order to conjure up ideas for surface designs I wanted to research examples of designers who focus on organisms and their shapes. I found Mia-Jane Harris, who is an artist who has a solo show called the “Beautiful Corpse”. This exhibition reverses the viewers interpretation of mortality by forcing them to look at morbid close up objects associated with death such as skin, cells etc.


Although her work is quite gruesome, there is something about the work that fascinates me. Even though I am not personally a fan of morbid objects, there is something about her work that makes me want to stare at it. Her exhibition presents death and decay in a beautiful way and this is due to the colours. When I think of death I think of dark harsh colours however I see white communicates purity and innocence therefore reinforcing the name of the exhibition.

© Abimbola Akande, all rights reserved


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