• One day project outcome
  • Placing textile on the body

This is my one day project outcome. Ideally I supposed to finish textile making on both side. I was underestimated the time I made for one side. Basically the making process is easy but time consuming.

By placing it around the body I think wear it as tee dress could be interesting also I can attach other textile samples underneath doing draping or weaving textile could be more innovative then I designed before.I am considering how to make the textile attached on the other side at the same time it need to be capable to opened otherwise is not wearable.

I am pleased with the textile sample because I create a pattern and this is a new technique that I have never used before. Also the textile piece is flexible because the construction theory I made it into rhombus so is easy to expand the wide.

Now I need to keep experiment with the prickly textile making.More illustration to demonstrate my idea would be needed. I think using the prickly textile into tassels-like dress would be interested which I need to further developed with.

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