• Silhouette inspired by individuals distance¬†
  • Solution to stable the silhouette¬†

The idea of this silhouette was from interpersonal distance the length of the shoulder represent the comfortable distance between individuals. I found this inspiration by doodling on photos and abstracted drawings. I have tried three materials to create this silhouette internet cable,washing line and plastic tube. After trying on the body I feel the plastic tube is the best and stabled. I want to combine the textile sample I have made yesterday and the silhouette together.

Problem that I am confronted with:

  • How to make the tube into circled and stabled?

I made this silhouette by one single tube and I do not want to cut it into fragments. I have tried using super glue but I forgot to polish the surface before I glued. Then I came up with using masking tape to stable then apply the textile on the top. I have tried on one side and I did not like the effect because the masking tape still can be seen. The final solution I adopted was to wrapped the whole tube with ropes. By using the ropes I can tied the tube where I want to stabled most and is hard to recognise the stared point.

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