Reflection, 11th August

Fabric Printing Induction

The printing induction today, was very informative. Going in ti it, I had the mindset that printing on fabric was going to be similar to the screen printings that we had been doing in the studio for the past few weeks. It was similar but only to a certain extent. 

The difference in fabric printing is the fact that we are using fabric to print, which required a lot more care that I thought. Such as, we have to make sure that the fabric has to be flat and smooth to get a better print on it, and to do that, we had to pin the edges of the fabric securely using pins. 

IMG_5091.jpg IMG_5092.jpg

Once the fabrics were as flat as I could put them, I added the cut out stencils and proceeded to print similar to screen printing on paper. 

Overall, the prints turned out well, though there were some fold lines that did not allow the ink to print over, leaving some parts white. I would have to smoothen out the fabric better next time I print on fabric if I want  that effect. But I am satisfied with how the first layer turned out, next I will be drawing out the details of the design that I will be printed on the area where I placed the stencils.

To get the prints over the stencilled area perfectly, I would need to trace over the outline of the images on the tracing paper, and with that it will help create the emulsion on the screen to make the print.

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