Reflection, 10th August

More Experimenting and Preparing for Tomorrow

IMG_5080.jpg IMG_5081.jpg

Printing the block images onto the fabric samples using water-based printing ink, I found that the images were hard to see, because I think the ink is being absorbed into the fabric, giving the colour less vibrancy. I think I will try out using oil-based ink for the other samples, because I feel that the oil-based ink is thicker and the vibrancy will hold better. 

Holy-Grail- armour 1.jpg Queen dress refrence.jpg

^Monty Python's The Holy Grail (1975)                                                                                    ^Medieval outfits, upper class

Looking at references of knight outfits from Monty Python, I noticed that on each of their outfits they had pattern designs on them. This made me think about what kind of designs that I will have for the characters that I am thinking about putting on the tapestry. 

IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5084.jpg WahBulan2-30.jpg IMG_5085.jpg

                                                                                                                      ^ Wau Bulan (Moon Kite)

Brainstorming with some ideas, I played around with the symbol of the Moon and Star from the Malaysian flag again, I decided to put the moon in the star. I felt that the moon looked a bit isolated by itself and to fill up space, I added a circle with the moon inside the star. In doing so, I reminded of the Malaysian 'Wau', meaning kite. This gave me another design inspiration.

IMG_5087.jpg  IMG_5089.jpg.1 IMG_5086.jpg

So, with the designs created, I made stencils from the patterns as well as outline where the patterns will be on the fabric that I will print on for the printing induction workshop tomorrow. I am hoping that the prints of the patterns that I am designing will be clean and clear.

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