Harriet Scott

I met Harriet Scott at the time when i where I was cooking for a new interest to become obsessed and indulge into (research wise). Harriet has had one of the most compelling lives. One day she invited me to an event on Facebook called "Bound- An evening Of Shibari at the flying ouch man". I was aware of the bondage of Shibari but haven't come across it in real live and the sadomasochisticculture surrounding it.

Harriet didn't end up going to bound so I ended up there by myself in a room full of people watching a girl be tied up naked and humiliated.

It was very bazar but at the same time amusing to see this girl being tortured and feeling pleasure from the pain. I became interested in the way they restricted her body and made her publicly exposed. I started thinking of something that prevent her from it like a mask or cover.



© Viktor Vanev Gichev, all rights reserved


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