Reflection, 8th August 2017

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.39.27 PM.png

                                                                                                                                                -The Queen and The Soldier, Suzanne Vega

I remember in the lyrics that there was mention of there being red tapestries in the song. Interpreting it, I felt that the mention of red symbolised the bloodshed that the Queen had inflicted upon her subjects.

Taking the  idea further, I created samples of different pattern designs of red on fabric. I had thought of taking one of the designs as a potential background for the tapestry.

20771985_1619150328115653_1946708700_o.jpg 20747112_1619150244782328_436827065_o.jpg 20727451_1619150631448956_1842000844_o.jpg

I had also added some black in some samples to see if it worked or not. So far, the black and red seem to have mixed well with the fabrics when they are less wet some and less so with the ones that are, I feel that too much water dilutes the colours. I would like to next try out printing the tile designs onto the colour samples to see which pattern is best suited for a background colour. I am thinking about printing with the darker yellow ink, because I think that it is a colour that won't blend too much with the background and won't be too light that it is not visible.

20707051_1619150114782341_690761313_o.jpg 20727221_1619150288115657_1986889092_o.jpg 20727733_1619150271448992_2015045285_o.jpg

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