08 Aug 2017

Today we had a tutorial with Karen on our development of sketchbooks. By looking at each other's sketchbooks, I am able to recognise what I'm lacking in content. I only did three pages of mind maps and two pages of research and experiment. During my presentation, I realised that I am speaking more than what is shown in my sketchbook. This means that there is potential for me to develop further. Therefore, what I will focus now is producing more sketchbook work and stuck-down researches. 

I decided to start a new, smaller in scale but thicker and better quality sketchbook for the project. Personally I am not a big fan of heavy and thick A3 sketchbooks. When I start a new page I always have to plan the layout carefully and it took me too much time and effort. If I use a smaller sketchbook I wouldn't have to worry too much about composition and layout. Since this project is based very much on performance and installation, there will be more photographs in my sketchbook than paintings or collages. Therefore the scale of sketchbook is not an important factor that effects my project. Working on a sketchbook of smaller scale makes me feel more comfortable and confident. 

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