Refection, 7th August 2017

Today, I started block printing with the different fabrics that I had bought over the weekend.


I experimented also with the colouring by the inks to see which hue and thickness had, I liked the prints with the red and orange hue as well as the dark yellow colour. I feel that the white background give more boldness to the prints and makes it look sharper, but the green fabric softens it, making the colour more faded, which isn't what I want for my prints. The yellow print also was too light for the whiter fabrics, but whit a mixture of a bit of red, it came out much better with a more orange look to it.

20705947_1617886904908662_1930949799_o.jpg 20707311_1617886891575330_339116328_o.jpg 20676958_1617891568241529_1238399690_o.jpg

Overall, I feel that the prints were very successful, as there were no ink seeping over into more delicate areas, and all the imagery came out the way that I wanted. I had decided to take it further by stitching the fabrics together to create a sample of borders.

20707101_1618045371559482_1147760500_o.jpg 20746787_1618045384892814_333069136_o.jpg

But I realised when I started stitching that I had not given any seam allowance for some of the fabrics that I had cut for the prints. This had made attaching some areas a bit of a squeeze. Next time, I would be more conscious to add in more space for better stitching.

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