This morning i started visualising my response to the research with i had gathered. I was highly influenced by my night life experiences in London's club culture in places such as "The box" , "Torture garden", "Pedestal". I started thinking around the idea of bringing other  bondage elements to my design.Being exposed to that environment and seen the clothes i became interested in other items. Such as the body suit with is a huge part of the submissive live hiding and keeping the identity of the individuals as well as a tool of restriction. 

I also started responding to my primary research trough a print with i have developed from a lace dress that my friend Rebecca was wearing on our Shibari session and it s documented in my sketchbook.I found the linoprinting extremely accurate and romantic experience, pealing off the layers allowing to see the design and playing with negative and positive space.

Gradually i have started to blend the two separate parts of my research involved within my concept. The Shibari element and the antique look of the 18th century was reflected upon the development of the design of the lino-print with i later realised that would be highly difficult to achieve on a bigger scale. Because of that i realised and decided to translated in a slightly different vision.

If i was to do the lino-prints again i would try to treat the paint in a slightly different way and apply it on more condense places to achieve more dense colour combinations and tones. 

© Viktor Vanev Gichev, all rights reserved


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