I started researching more carefully around the history of Shibari and artist who was making prints inspired more specifically of 18th century period. I became interested in how the French court being perceived as very sexy and tool for complete seduction, a cult for fetishizing feet.

The usage and utilization of materials fascinates me.  Specially interesting I found how carefully consider the materials for the clothes in the Versailles period and women such as Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette    were involving maximising the sumptuous pervert desires of French court visualising trough bondage elements such as lycra suit. I started thinking for embellishing  on top and how would affect the kinky nature of the look was . That’s why I became more absorbed in the idea of experimenting with volumes on top of it and adding another layer, dimension and maximising the meaning of that fetishised suit pleated fabric which i found in a charity shop. 


© Viktor Vanev Gichev, all rights reserved


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