Cildo Meireles, 4th August 2017

 Insertions into Ideological Circuits Projects

Insertions into Ideological Circuits – Coca-Cola Project.jpg Insertions into Ideological Circuits- Coca-Cola Project 2.jpg

^ Insertions into Ideological Circuits: Coca-Cola Project, 1970

  • These two projects were made during the time when Brazil's government oppression through military dictatorship, where words had to be spoken carefully.
  • The two projects that the artist did were, I feel, bringing awareness to the public by circulation of everyday items.
  • I thought that it was a smart way to carry out a message that you don't particularly want higher authority to find out. 

Insertions into Ideological Circuits 2– Banknote Project 2.jpg Insertions into Ideological Circuits 2– Banknote Project.jpg

^ Insertions into Ideological Circuits 2: Banknote Project, 1970

  • I felt that this artwork was successful because the two items selected for this work was guaranteed to be circulated around the public/ city.



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