3rd August

Throughout my research I have been looking at different patterns and shapes presented in a close up or microscopic image of a living organism. So, today I wanted to extract these shapes and create a print that reflects the majestic forms in a living organism.


I decided to create two small A5 lino cuts because I wasn’t sure about the designs I wanted to use. Looking back at my initial mood board and research images on workflow, I created two prints using the contours and characteristics of the cells. We didn’t have access to a lot of colours so I used quite simple colours to create the stencils. I started off with solid colours and then when I was comfortable I started to mix them. I even created layers of the same print, which makes it look like it was transforming which gave off an interesting dynamic.


Overall, I am very happy with the experiments because they reflect the research images I have been looking at prior. This is not the end because I will develop these prints further and possibly create an even larger print. I want to experiment with them digitally using photoshop to see the impact of the composition with a different colour.

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