2nd August

Today, we broke down our projects into sections so that we could visually see all the components we need to include in our research. I found this exercise very helpful because it helped me to see if my proposal is well written and structured. At first I found it easy to fill in because I already stated some of them in my proposal. However, I realised that I didn’t know any historical context that related to my theme.


I realised that I needed to research an historical event that related to my theme so I looked at Ignaz Semmelweis. In the 1840s, he believed that the increase in women dying after giving birth was due to doctors not washing their hands. This led me to think about how much technology has evolved. During this era, there were no special materials that helped to identify illnesses like the ones we use today. As a generation we should be grateful that we are able to know and physically see what the problem is through microscopic cameras.


Also, we did a workshop called ‘Speed Dating for Research’. We had to explain our themes to three different partners and ask them for ideas and research references. Overall, I am very happy with this outcome because each partner interpreted my theme differently. This meant that I was able to get a range of feedback that I can incorporate into my project.


Research Reflection


I found developing my own proposal fine because in my previous education I had to write proposals before I started a project. However, I found structuring the proposal a little bit challenging because I had to make sure that it was clear and structured just like the proposals we receive. I found it quite difficult to shorten the writing sections to fit the word count because I tend to overwrite. I always go in depth when writing so for the proposal I had to combine sentences into one which was quite difficult.


During this project I am only concerned about the experiments I am going to produce. I am hoping that they are all successful because it will be very beneficial to the development to my final outcome. Researching helped me to look at my project from multiple perspectives. I was able to understand my project and see its relevance to the world. I feel that my theme is very suitable because it is a project that I personally haven’t seen before.


In the spider diagram the only section which majority of my partners struggled with was the shops and suppliers. My project is more internal than external so it is very hard to find objects that are relatable and relevant.

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