1st August 2017

Tutorial reflection:

  •  Why would I perform in public? 

Because I would like to show the intimate link between individual and society, how our inner struggle can be reflected through our interaction with the environment. The project would have more impact if it is performed in China. However it is unfeasible, so in order to compromise I will perform in public in London. London has diverse cultural backgrounds so I would like the people to perceive my performance in their own way. Barriers doesn't have to refer to China's great fire wall, it can be any sort of obstacles people encounter in their lives.

  • Where would I perform it?

Preferably politicalised places, or places with less population to convey a sense of seclusion. 

Places with Chinese style architectures, or places with no significant historical background; e.g. concrete blocks of buildings, etc.This is because I want to blur the distinction between performing in UK and in China.

  • What would I do?

Simple actions in daily life, actions that associates to media. Reading newspaper. 

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