27th July 2017

Methods and Materials

1. How could I make my work?

  • Collage: assembled installation, oil and mixed media on canvas
  • Power Struggle: performance, video, interactive installation, painting series, photography
  • Freedom of Speech: installation, sculpture, sound art, digital art, painting, screenprinting

Skills needed: painting skill(existing),DT Workshop skill (new), video editing skill (new), photography skill (existing), performance skill (existing), digital technology skill (new/existing)

2. Identify methods that you can access

  • At college: painting, performance, digital technologies, photography.
  • In the workshops: wood and plastic cutting, moulding, crafting, spraying, sewing, screenprinting
  • In the studio: Painting, performance, photography, installation
  • Independently: specialist printing, digital technologies, Sound track., screenprinting

3. Methods I cannot access:

  • Sand casting, injection molding, wax casting, riso printing , digital knitting, glass blowing, iron casting, 3d printing.

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