25th July 2017

Today we are being introduced to the six-week-long independent project. I came up with three possible themes for the project: Collage, power struggle and freedom of speech. I chose them because these are the fields that I'm really unfamiliar but interested with. I created a mind map and a mood board for each of them. Collage art includes photo montage, assembly art, and paper collage. I think there are infinite possibilities for outcomes for me to experiment with. Power struggle is a theme that relates to my observation of society and of relationships. I gained inspiration from German artist Anne Imhof's performance art 'Fraust' and Harold Pinter's play 'The Homecoming'. These two works all deal with the power dynamics between people.

During the tutorial, I was told by a tutor that the theme collage is too broad, he would rather like me to narrow it down, or choose other themes to expand on. He showed lots of interest in the Freedom of Speech theme. Personally I prefer it than the other two as well, as it deals with a current issue in China and I am directly affected by this issue, so I have a lot to say on this matter. I will use China's severe censorship over the internet as a point of entry, and gather examples of it. Nowadays internet becomes a vital tool for us to exchange opinions and gain information from different communities. China's barrier is an effective control of the citizen's mind and human right.

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