This morning I had the chance to explore more details about my theme and look at it in more details. By trying to reference the Shibari and a scene of dependance in terms of dominant and submissive  trough drawing and sampling specific elements i got the understanding of what i was interested in and what i was keen on investigating. Also playing with discarded materials I aimed to represent the feeling of being used, exploit and thrown away. I also arranged a meeting with transgender girl called Rebecca who became a close fried. A model, she now is in a relationship with an older getalmen and she his devoted to "serve" him. I began to be more fascinated with the fact that the transgender girls and females in general are much more exposed to the idea of being submissive and much easier to manipulate, that as well is a main concern in a feminist community. My friend Harriet Scott with is a fine artist introduced me to the main issues of the fetish orientated relationships. Im going to a Shibari event on the weekend at bar in south London with her.


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